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Guide for booking cars in the USA under 25

Car trips are a convenient way to travel through the territories of any countries. This not only allows you to plan your trip yourself and visit only truly interesting sights, but also save money that you need to spend on public transport, taxis and trains. An important reason for going on a road trip is the pleasant company of your family or friends. Together you can discuss the details of the trip and have fun. Economical and convenient car rental in the United States appeared about 20-30 years ago, when American manufacturers began selling affordable car models with low fuel consumption.

In the summer of 2019, you can rent a car from $15 per day (if you are under 25, you will need to pay a small fee). This is very practical, and you can choose the model, color and category of car for rent. There are also several types of fuel payments and affordable insurance premiums that will ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in case of accident. Rent a CARNGO car is your best solution for this summer! We will tell you about the basic rules and tips for renting a car under 25.

What documents do I need to have

You must have a small set of documents to successfully use a rental car in the United States. All data from the documents will be transferred to the contract form and insurance policy, so that you can take advantage of this in case of collisions and emergency situations. All documents remain with the driver throughout the trip (you always need to have a driver's license and a rental agreement). Here is a list of required items for renting a car:

Should a driver under 25 pay any extra fee?

For each driver under 25 years old there is an additional fee, which can range from $15.99 to $40.99 depending on the rental period, the class and category of car and driving skills of this person. Please note that these prices may not be shown on the company's website, so you can check with your personal booking agent. This money will be spent on full insurance of all drivers and passengers, as well as baggage during use of the car. Young drivers often make mistakes while driving and using a car, so some companies ask customers under the age of 25 to issue an additional fee for full insurance.

There are several types of insurance for drivers under the age of 25, which cover the costs of damage to vehicles, recovery from collisions, mechanical damage, as well as errors from the company that provides the car. The last item should always be specified in the contract, and in case the agent of the company did not provide you with a car at the appointed time, we have the right to request compensation. All US rental companies work responsibly and earn their reputation for quality services.

These figures are approximate and may vary depending on the season or company policy.
Company Minimum Rental Age Vehicle Rental Restrictions Young Driver Fee Under 25
Enterprise 21 years May only rent Economy through Fullsize cars $25
Alamo 21 years May only rent Economy through Fullsize cars $25
Avis 21 years No full-size & premium SUVs, Minivans, Passenger vans, Signature Series $27
Budget 21 years No luxury cars, minivan, passenger vans, speciality vehicle, full-size & premium SUVs $27
Dollar 21 years Varies depending on location $15-$35
Thrifty 21 years No premium, luxury, SUV, speciality, minivan, van, wagon, convertible, or pickup $15-$35
Hertz 21 years No Prestige Collection or no Adrenaline Collection cars $27-$30
National 21 years May only rent Economy through Fullsize cars $25
Sixt 21 years Varies depending on location $15-$35

Rules for passengers and additional drivers

The option of an additional driver is very convenient if you are planning a long journey or feel insecure in your driving skills. Many drivers under the age of 25 ask their older friends, parents or mentors to become an additional driver in case the main driver gets tired. Please note that in all car rental companies it is possible to use a maximum of 3 additional drivers (in case all passengers also have driving licenses). It also implies a fee fee for insuring every driver. Note:

To rent a vehicle of the group: “A”, ”B”, ”C”, ”D”, ”F”, ”G”, ”K”, “P”, “L”, “N”, ”O”, “Q”, “1” Tenant's age cannot be younger than 21 years. For the rental of vehicles of category “6”, “7”, “8”, “J”, “M”, the age of the tenant cannot be younger than 25 years. For other categories of age allowed not younger than 21 years. A driver's license at the time of renting a car must be valid and issued no earlier than 1 year. All additional drivers must have the same documents including IDP to get the right to drive a car.

Why to have it? This is needed when your driver's license is not a document in the Roman alphabet. With the help of international driving permit, the booking agent can make sure that all requirements for using the car are met. This is an analogue of a driver's license and has data on the available categories of cars and the date of receipt of driving license. You can get this international document in the state bodies of your country.

Trips abroad

Some drivers plan their trip outside the US. Canada is the most adoptive country for crossing the American border. Toronto is just north of New York, so you can easily get to the capital of Canada if you are on the east coast. Some companies are asking to pay an additional fee for crossing the border and this can cost $40- $50. Please note:

What categories of cars can you get under 25

The categories of cars allowed for use by drivers under 25 are identical for all other drivers. Depending on the class and category of car, the price of insurance, the size of the deposit and the fee for young drivers may vary. In 2019, CARNGO partners accept applications for car reservations with categories CCAR, CFAR, ECAR, FCAR, ICAR, IFAR, ILAE, ISAR, MBAR, MVAR, SCAR, SSAR. This is the American category system and is not similar to the European classification of cars. You can find out the details about the categories of selected cars from your personal agent in the company.

If you are planning a large route around the US, it is better not to stint on a comfortable car, otherwise the pleasure and impression of the road will turn into fatigue and irritability. We recommend that you order a minimum of full size (this is a big sedan, like the Dodge Charger) or an SUV (something like a BMW X3 in size). In large and powerful cars it will be comfortable to move over long distances, to transport suitcases, to lie back while moving between cities, and in general, the handling of such cars gives the driver more convenience and less fatigue. Budget company, unlike other companies, gives the opportunity to choose among the cars of its class. If you order a car class SUV, after the paperwork you probably will be able to choose the one you like from the available cars in the fleet.

Insurance for car rental

In the USA as well as in Europe there are two types of insurance – SLI – Supplemental Liability Insurance – liability insurance and LDW – Loss Damage Waiver – insurance against damage to your car in the event of an accident. Most car rental companies have a mandatory condition for full insurance of cars and passengers for drivers under 25. But if you have been a driver for a long time and have not only several years of driving experience, but also real skill, then you may not use the full insurance option (ideally, if you often practice driving since the age of 18).

You can choose one type of insurance and use it in car rental documents. You can also ask the personal agent about the differences between these types of insurance in order to choose the most practical and economical option for your trip. Please note: some car rental companies do not indicate the type and cost of insurance on the website and at the time of booking a car, but you have the right to learn about insurance and remove or change unnecessary components. Always be careful on the roads!

Top car rental companies under 25

Car rental for drivers under 25 is a popular service in the US and almost all car rental companies already offer this option to customers. All companies have approximately the same pricing policy, but may have different fees and rules for young drivers. For example, some companies oblige drivers under 25 to get full insurance, and some companies are loyal to this. Choose a suitable car on the CARNGO website, compare prices for this in different companies and specify rental details for young drivers to decide on the best company for your upcoming trip.

The most popular car rental companies in the US are: Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, Payless, Alamo, Thrifty, National, Dollar, Ace and other smaller ones. Also a large number of tourists often enjoy Sixt, Budget, Hertz. It uses good cars (like BMW), and offers low prices for all types of rent and fuel payments. Please note that the most advantageous is to constantly use the services of one company. So you get a personal client card and get good discounts and bonuses that you can use when traveling.

Features of the rules of the road in the US

Coming to US, many drivers under 25 immediately rent a car. It is very expedient and reasonable. In many cities and states it is easier, faster and more profitable to travel by rental car than by taxi or public transport. Let's learn some features of driving in the USA:

Rent a car in the United States under 25 years old

The USA is a country of unforgettable impressions. Since the highways appeared here at about the same time as the autobahns in Germany, and they are of the same excellent quality, then renting a car will be an indispensable means of transportation. Its territory is very large and colorful; a car for rent will become an indispensable assistant in traveling. With a car rental you can visit the golden beaches of Los Angeles and see the glittering skyscrapers of New York in one visit to the country. The entire territory of the United States is famous for its amazing shops, restaurants, parks and attractions, so in this case you will simply need a rental car.

What age do you need to have to rent a car in USA?

You are a member of the young category of drivers, if you are 18-25 years old. It is worth noting that many car rental companies provide their services only for drivers over 21 years old. To do this, you need to have a driving permit, at least one year of driving experience and a bank credit card. Also, some companies are asked to pay an additional cost for a young driver. Most often, this feature is an additional insurance for the driver and passengers of the car.

Not all car rental companies require a mandatory age over 21 to use a car. In some places there are restrictions on the class of car, if the driver is young and inexperienced. For example, in 20 years, the driver will not be able to rent a Mercedes or BMW, but will be able to use other brands of cars. Special categories of citizens are free to use car rental services at the age of 18. For example, military personnel must have a military ID and rent from any company at the age of 18.

Only a small number of companies with expensive fleets do not rent student cars or young drivers, but agencies with Car Rental Express are eager to help them. Each car rental company has its own age limits and surcharges for young drivers, but they usually have similar rules and regulations for young drivers. For a young driver, be sure to have a valid driver's license or military ID.

Road safety

All cars for users of the service are checked for safety and no errors for comfortable use. Specialists of the companies have a long work experience and guarantee the serviceability of vehicles for each resident, tourist and businessman who came to the United States. Carefully read the license of the selected company and the points of agreement to be sure of the legitimacy of the rental car. Young drivers are considered a special category of drivers because they pose a greater risk to themselves and their passengers than other drivers. The main reasons for failure, which are considered by most car rental companies, are lack of experience and a young age.

The only solution for the company in providing services to young drivers is an additional fee. This is not related to the financial requirements of the company, because part of this money is directed to the insurance of the driver and passengers. The goal of age restrictions is to reduce accidents through a combination of countermeasures. Even if you are willing to pay a little extra finance, you need to be careful about having confidence in your driving skills.

The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The starting point of the lease term is considered to be the moment of signing the vehicle transfer and acceptance certificate. The car must be returned no later than 1 hour after the end of the last day of hire. For the delay in returning the car, there is a rent for an additional day of hire. Only a driver who has a certificate confirming the right to drive a car of this category has the right to drive a rented car. We also recommend pre-negotiating driver competence with company managers.

Age limits

Young drivers are limited to full packages available for experienced drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, young people are more likely to be involved in car accidents than drivers over 25 years old. This is the main reason for the additional fees and surcharges that young travelers must pay. Even drivers with good driving performance also charge high daily fees for minors.

Students aged 21 to 24 years can rent a car throughout US. Some of the state organizations have agreements with car rental companies for military personnel and allow drivers aged 21 years and older to rent cars at no extra charge for age. Road safety and accident prevention policies are a major cause of limited age in all US states.

Working time

Almost all car rental companies are around the clock in the United States. You can find out detailed information about the policy of the rules and the range of vehicles on any website or by calling the manager of the selected company.

Comparing car rental offers is the only way to choose the best conditions. The cost of rent, brand, service, class, availability - these are one of the most important factors that allow you to make a choice in favor of a company. But the search for the ideal car rental can sometimes become a long and laborious task, since it is not always clear whether a car is available and how much a rental cost will cost, and to find out all this you have to spend a lot of time and nerves. We will help you find the right company for affordable car rental.

Young driver fee

Car rental companies ask young drivers to pay a premium for a young driver, which is charged to rentals to drivers under the age of 25 years. The reward for the young driver is applied to the credit card upon returning the car. Supplements may vary depending on the location and brand of car rental.

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