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Large, Executive, Luxury car rental USA

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Large, Executive, Luxury car rental USA

Large, Executive, Luxury Car Rental locations in USA

Why to choose luxury rent car class?

When planning trips, tourists determine the amount of money that is needed for a 10-14 day stay in the United States. This is the average duration of travel, but even for 1 month it is impossible to see and visit all the sights in the United States. We are not talking about the monuments in Iowa and the museums in Michigan, but if you want to visit at least the main attractions of the United States, then you will need a lot of time. The main objects of tourism in the United States are the White House, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, the streets of Las Vegas, the bridge in San Francisco and several other historical monuments.

Time plays a big role during each trip. Luxury cars are designed to make the traveler feel comfortable at any time of the day on any road and in any weather. It may seem to some that renting a luxury car is unnecessary, but when you have been on a trip for several days, you want to be safe and comfortable while traveling. Cool air conditioning, soft seats, a comfortable dashboard, high-quality sound from the speakers and a wide view from the window will make your trip a real flight on a premium aircraft. And it also has low prices and great popularity in the United States for the long time.

Why luxury car quality is important for the trip

Today, dozens of American car rental companies offer many high-end car models. The most popular firms of the improved category are Chrysler and Buick, and sometimes you can see Toyota models while searching for a suitable car. Why do many customers choose the luxury category for a rental car? This is a very reliable, fast and economical way to move around the United States. Despite the fact that it costs 30-40% more expensive than the standard category of car, you still spend less money than using public transport and taxis.

How to get a luxury car for rent in USA

If you are planning your trip and have already decided on your arrival dates, you can book a car for rent now. Preliminary rentals will not only provide you with guaranteed selected car class, but also save you money. Some companies may increase the price of rent for a few days, because many customers want to take advantage of this. Choose the right car for CARNGO in just 5 minutes. You only need to specify the date of arrival, the place of receiving the car (you can also use the option to return the car elsewhere) and the number of days to rent.

When ordering a car for a few days, you will receive a discount. You can also order a car during your trip. CARNGO is a convenient service for tourists, so you can get rental cars not only at the airport, but also in other parts of the city and our offices. Registration of the lease agreement is quick and you only need to have a passport and part of the payment for rental services.

Some examples of a luxury class models

Range Rover Velar is a real dream for many drivers. This brand of cars like businessmen and experienced tourists, but it is not everywhere you can get in the lease. CARNGO offers you to order Velar 2018-2019 of the release year now. In addition to the beautiful design there is a powerful engine of 180 horsepower and 193 maximum kilometers per hour. Comfortable interior of this Range Rover with soft leather chairs and gadgets will make your train quick and practical. This car has a large trunk (1x1.2 meters and 672 l) and plenty of space to store your luggage. You can also order additional equipment (child seat, ski stand, etc.) in your rental company. Despite its large size, the Velar has low fuel consumption (on average only 5.5-6 l per 100 kilometers). Ideal for a family trip!

Chrysler 300 is one of the most frequent models in the CARNGO upgraded car class. All that cars have a year of manufacture not earlier than 2014, so you will be pleasantly surprised by the large bundle, new design and spacious space inside (earlier this manufacturer produced the compact 300 models, despite the large size). Chrysler is a brand originally from the United States, so you can trust the high quality of every detail in this car. The technical characteristics of this car resemble a racing model: feel for yourself 286 horsepower and 240 km/h. The car has a large trunk (more than 600 l), high-quality bright interior and normal fuel consumption from 6.5 to 8 liters per 100 kilometers. Salon Chrysler has a wide coverage and a comfortable location of the shelves, radio and usb connectors for charging gadgets. This is a real cruise ship for your trip.

The five-seater Cadillac XTS full-size sedan saloon welcomes passengers with a cozy atmosphere and a large stock of free space. Wide front seats with convenient support on the sides will make even a long trip comfortable, and a full back sofa with a welcoming layout can accommodate passengers of any height. In addition to the high quality of the cabin in the XTS there is also located 3.6 l engine, which can accelerate to 255 kilometers per hour, as well as a spacious trunk (about 650 liters) for your belongings. The car manufacturer took care of safety and added 10 airbags and an advanced ABS braking system. Security with comfort is the Cadillac XTS.

Each car is fully tested in the service before the start of the lease to ensure the safety of all parts, air level in tires, airbag serviceability and other elements of the car. Please note that for renting a luxury for young drivers of 21-24 years old there is an additional fee and this is an average of $45. Specify the city of receipt and the date of commencement of the lease on the CARNGO website to find out about the availability of the desired car model.

The cost of renting a luxury car in the US companies

The price for using a rental car depends not only on the category of the model. It also depends on the rental period, the type of fuel payment, the number of additional drivers and the age of the main driver. The average cost of renting a luxury car in the US is $89.99- $109.99 per day. When renting a car for 3-4 days, the price is reduced by about 5% per day, and when renting for 7 or more days, the price may decrease by 7-10% or more, depending on the rental period. You can also order additional services and equipment for your trip by rental car:

Car rental rules

The rules of all car rental companies provide for the start of the rental and return of cars at the agreed time. If you received the car at 9 am and returned it at 10 am the next day, then you will need to pay an additional day of rent (some companies only provide penalties for delaying the return). The mileage (the number of miles allowed for travel) is unlimited, but you need to choose the type of payment for fuel to use a rental car:

For each type of fuel payment, you must pay a deposit from your bank card, which will be returned after the end of the rent. You must have insurance for a rental car. It will cost up to $14.99 and compensate for damage or collision of a vehicle. You can also purchase full insurance, which will provide compensation for any type of damage and accidents and will indemnify for property, driver and passengers inside the car. Additional insurance costs up to $19.99 and will be offered to you at the time of ordering the car.

Car rental agreement

Signing a contract is mandatory for renting any car, even if you need it for just a couple of hours. In fact, this is the document that certifies the completion of the transaction, that the tenant took the car, paid the money for it and can now safely use it. These documents describe in detail both the rights of both parties and their obligations. Each high-quality company will surely give a close look at the contract, read everything necessary before signing, and if necessary, the agents will even explain all the unclear details that you doubt. Signing such a contract, regardless of the term of operation, but the terms of it may vary. For example, if you make a long-term use of the machine, then the rental can execute an indefinite contract, all of a sudden you decide to use this machine later.

Restriction in the age of the driver

Luxury class cars require at least 21 years of age to make the company confident in the skills and responsibility of the client. To get a car, you need to have an accessible category of driving in your driver's license and experience of at least 1 year. This class of car has an additional fee of $45 for young drivers of 21-24 years old. This is required to get a full insurance policy for a young driver and passengers in the event of a collision or damage to property or health. Fee does not decrease when renting a car for a long time, and this amount includes 14% of the state tax.

When using the possibility of additional drivers, they must also be at least 21 years old and pay a $45 fee to the budget of the insurance company. To use a rented luxury car, you need not only to have all the permits, documents and payment of commissions, but also to be confident in your driving skills. Remember that you are driving an expensive car and it is necessary for extra comfort, and not for driving at high speed. Follow the road rules and familiarize yourself with the road rules of each state you plan to travel to.

Additional features of luxury car class

Premium cars are used not only for independent travels in the United States. You can also use a Luxury car for rent to hold important business meetings, chatting with partners. High-quality car hire services are often used by politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and other famous people. Many people around the world trust the quality of CARNGO services and contact us when planning their trips. Why are luxury cars a popular service for a large number of people?

Try high quality now

Car rental for most customers is relevant when your own car is out of reach. For example, it broke down and is under long maintenance. However, you cannot cancel all your trips, and traveling by public transport is difficult and impractical for you. Such cases and bring people to hire a luxury car. It is especially the case for people involved in business. Many business trips that you take the subway can damage your image and appearance. In addition, it is much more profitable than driving around the whole day by taxi.

Also an excellent solution for emergency situations is to rent luxury cars. For example, when a company needs to meet a high-ranking investor, who is obviously used to luxury and comfort, you can rent a Chrysler 300, one name of which reminds about a sense of comfort and reliability. For two or three trips around the city it makes no sense to buy such a car, but it would be very convenient to get it at CARNGO rentals. We wish you a pleasant trips!

Where luxury rental cars are popular?

High-quality cars are often used not only for traveling, but also for transferring officials, businessmen and partners meetings. In addition to the United States, this kind of service is popular in Germany, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and several other countries. Improved comfort motivates the driver and passengers to productive work and allows you to relax after a hard day or long trips. Soft seats, relaxing music and beautiful views from the window of your luxury car will leave only pleasant memories of renting with CARNGO. We are happy to help travelers with quality cars around the world!

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