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AVIS Azores Flores Airport

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AVIS Azores Flores Airport

AVIS car rental in Azores Flores Airport

AVIS in Azores Flores Airport
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Azores Flores Airport car rental tips

Usually, it is really simple to get a rental car by complying with the following:

  • Decide exactly what you need.

    Car rentals from AVIS Car Rental in Azores Flores Airport were reviewed by 2000+ customers with a rating of 7.7/10. The cheapest car from AVIS Car Rental in Azores Flores Airport is Ford Fiesta of Economy car rental class. Its price is just $58.27 per day.

    Most of our customers usually book vehicles of Economy car rental class in Portugal. The cheapest Economy car from AVIS Car Rental in Azores Flores Airport is presented by Ford Fiesta for $58.27 per day.

    Ilha-Verde is the car rental company with highest customers' rank in Azores Flores Airport with a rating average score of 8.3/10, based on 1000+ customer reviews. The cheapest vehicle from Ilha-Verde is Renault Twingo of Mini car rental class for $31.24 per day.

    The most popular car rental class in Azores Flores Airport is Estate with prices by Ilha-Verde starting from $114.88 per day for Ford Focus Estate.

    As for the most popular in Portugal car rental group, which's Economy, the cheapest car from Ilha-Verde in Azores Flores Airport is Renault Clio, priced at $32.25 per day.

    The cheapest Estate car in Azores Flores Airport provided by Ilha-Verde (rated at 8.3/10 by 1000+ customers), and the most affordable car seen in the group from the vendor is Ford Focus Estate priced at $114.88 per day.

    The cheapest Economy car is presented by same vendor: Ilha-Verde. The car is Renault Clio, priced at $32.25 per day.

    The cheapest car rental in Azores Flores Airport is Renault Twingo from Ilha-Verde. Its price is only $31.24 per day. Ilha-Verde was reviewed by 1000+ customers with a rating average score of 8.3/10.

  • Select pick-up and drop-off date and time properly.

    If you want to save some money, select the same pick-up and drop-off time. Car rental companies take money for a full day of rental, so if you take a car for 25 hours, you will pay for 48 hours (two full days) of rental, and 74 hours will stand for 96 hours (four full days) of rentals.

  • When choosing a car, you should decide how many passengers will be traveling with you and how much baggage will be placed in the car. Note that the number of suitcases specified for each car is conditionally indicated. One suitcase usually refers to a handbag for standard hand luggage. If you are renting a car for more than 5 passengers, it is often cheaper and more convenient to rent two cars of the standard car rental class, instead of one multi-seater vehicle.
  • If you are traveling with children, don’t forget to book a child safety seat for your kid. Even though a child seat rental may cost a considerable amount of money , the fines for not having one may cost more than the cost of a child seat rental. Also note that a regular plane ticket usually allows you to carry a child seat free of charge (contact your airline for more accurate information). In addition, you can always buy your own child seat in the nearest supermarket after the arrival.
  • If you are going to use a ferry or cross a country border on your rental car, very attentively read the Rental Conditions of several vendors. It is possible that one car rental company allows to cross the border to the needed country and another company allows to use a ferry transport for your rental car. In addition, if you are planning to buy tickets for a ferry, notify the car rental company about it in advance, then they can tell you the number of the car you will rent.
  • Always pay attention to the Fuel Policy. Not always pick up full and return empty option is advantageous. Don’t rush to purchase the full tank of fuel from a car rental supplier on a small island or if you rent a car for a few days. It may turn out that you won’t be able to use all that purchased fuel.
  • Consider different pickup types. The most convenient pickup type is Meet & Greet. By choosing a car rental with such option, you won’t have to stand in line or go with your suitcases to a shuttle bus to get to your car rental location. Instead you will be met near the exit from your terminal with a sign with your name or the car rental company name and your car will be waiting in the parking lot. In addition, car rentals with Meet & Greet option are usually cheaper than car rentals from the companies with a rental desk at the airport, because they don’t include the airport fee in the rental price.
  • Never neglect the Excess fee. In most cases, you will have to leave a deposit at the time of rental (see our FAQ about Excess Fee and Excess Fee Reduction), but you can usually insure this deposit or buy the Excess Fee Reduction. Always pay attention to the amount of this deposit, it is possible that the rental price is low, but the Excess fee is very high or vice versa. You should always consider the total amount, and not just the car rental price.
  • You should always specify the correct Residence Country because it may result on the price of the rental or even refusal of car rental. Usually for drivers with US citizenship, the listed prices don’t include CDW and TP. If you are not from USA and buy such rental, you may be very unpleasantly surprised by the manager's requirement to buy insurance as car rental insurance is obligatory.

Information about AVIS in Azores Flores Airport

Info & Contacts
Company Name: AVIS Car Rental
Address: Aeoporto Das Flores, Santa Cruz, 9970 320
Phone: (351) 292 542372
See on map: Google Maps
Pickup type: Airport terminal pickup — The car rental company has a desk directly in the airport terminal.
Rating: 7.7/10, which is Very Good

AVIS car rental prices in Azores Flores Airport

AVIS Car Rental
AVIS Car Rental
from $58
from $31 from $32
from $54

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