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Why choose a rental car?

Unpredictable situations often happen in our life. Breaking your own car, a business trip to another country or traveling with friends can happen at any time. A few years ago we had to solve questions about transportation and time for moving and ask for cars from our friends or use public transport. But we are sure that not one bus, train or plane follows the route that you need. Buses often do not have an adequate level of comfort, taxi services are too expensive, and trains do not stop at the points you need.

Why not get a car for rent? You can take it all for one day and have time to do much more work than a week-long ride on public transport. In 2019, almost in all countries of the world there are hundreds of car rental companies that are constantly improving. You can choose one of the reliable companies and get a car economy, standard, business or VIP class and travel without restrictions. Car rental is a convenient means of transportation not only for travelers. In what situations will it be practical for you?

I have never used a rental car before.

Companies that offer such services, there is not too much and only a small part of the drivers managed to use the car for rent at least once. The procedure for obtaining such transport is very simple and will not take you a lot of time and effort. The contract between the car rental company and the customer is simple and you just need to agree to the security conditions and enter into insurance for the driver and passengers.

How to get a quality car for rent?

You need to use the sites of popular rental companies on the Internet for this. It is also important to know that the earlier you book the selected car, the less you will have to pay the rent. This is due to the fact that many tourists decide to order such transport in 1-2 days and pay the additional cost to get a good model. To make your rental transport quality, you need to read reviews about the car company and carefully read the license and terms of service. Ask this information from the manager of the selected company.

Additional rules and tariffs

Usually in rental companies are age restrictions for drivers. For young drivers, they are due to increased risks of accidents, a significant share of the liability for which the insurance company bears. Often these companies set the minimum and maximum ages of drivers, for example, from 21 to 75 years. It happens in another way: there is no prohibition on driving for persons who have not attained a certain age, but the “young driver” category is introduced.

 And if the person renting a car falls into this category, then you need to pay extra for an increased risk. Among the services that increase the cost of rent is the introduction of an additional driver into the lease agreement. If a car is driven by a person who is not paid into the rental agreement, the damage caused by this driver to the vehicle or to third parties will be fully recovered from the name of the rental agreement. At the same time, insurance does not cover such damage.

Financial rules for rent cars

Traveling by car for rent is a very practical and economical solution for any company or independent trip. It does not require the cost of taxis and public transport, and gasoline in Europe and America is inexpensive. But so that you don’t need to pay extra money for breaking traffic rules or agreeing with a company, we recommend that you personally discuss all important details with the manager.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

Often, when you make a contract for renting a car abroad, you will need internationally recognized rights. In Austria, drivers who do not have international rights are fined, and rental companies do not always warn their customers about possible problems. In Malta and in Germany both the rights of the international sample and the rights of your country of residence are valid.

If you only have a national driving license and decide to rent a car in Malta, they should be approved by the Police Department. Arriving in Germany, you will have to pass a simple exam, after which you will receive a mark from the local traffic police. Such rules operate in different countries of the world and you need to go through these simple procedures in order to then enjoy comfortable trips without restrictions.

Compulsory insurance

Before you place an order, you must read the terms of car rental - Terms & Conditions. Here, for most beginners, there is a dense forest. As they say, it is impossible to understand all these abbreviations without a hundred grams, but we will try. The most important thing in any insurance is the deductible. In simple terms, this is a limitation of your liability. For example, in terms of car rental, it is stated that the deductible is € 1000. If during the rental period it damages the car, which will entail its repair, then, based on the amount of the deductible, it will be forced to pay compensation.

For example, it costs exactly € 300 (the size of the franchise) for repairs - it means that the customer must pay this entire amount. If the repair costs € 2,000 - € 1,000 the customer pays, the rest is covered by insurance. Fixed deductible insurance is denoted as CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Accordingly, the smaller the size of the franchise is the better for any driver. There is also a zero franchise, which is abbreviated as Super Collision Damage Waiver. This is a complete lack of liability for damage.

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